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2006 cohort of grantees

Betsy bockman

Principal, Samuel M. Inman Middle School

Atlanta Public Schools

Project: Interactive Whiteboards

Dr. Bockman believed her project ‘Interactive Whiteboards’ (also known as smart boards) would be a natural fit for all learning styles at Samuel M. Inman Middle School. Research indicates that student engagement, learner motivation and knowledge retention are benefits of interactive whiteboards.

Betsy Bockman

stephanie blake

2nd Grade, C.W. Hill Elementary School

Atlanta Public Schools

Project: Literature Circles for the Classroom

Ms. Blake believed that her project would push students from the “meets” category to the “exceeds” category on the Reading and Language Arts sections of the Criterion Reference Competency Tests.

Stephanie Blake

Beth crenshaw

K-5 ESOL Teacher, Peyton Forest Elementary School

Atlanta Public Schools

Project: Lending Library for Parents

Ms. Crenshaw believed her project would increase test scores for English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) students by providing English language practice at home. By allowing students to take tapes and tape players home, she improved their English-speaking skills and vocabulary, increased reading comprehension and improved their listening skills.

Beth Crenshaw

Kathy Edwards

5th Grade, F.L. Stanton Elementary School

Atlanta Public Schools

Project: Mini Science Labs / Partnership in Classrooms

Ms. Edwards believed her project would rekindle the natural curiosity in her students and support hands-on science teaching. By providing a new and improved approach to scientific investigation, she anticipated that her project would improve CRCT scores.

Kathy Edwards

jacqueline giles

10th & 11th Grade Geometry, The Carver School of Entrepreneurship

Atlanta Public Schools

Project: Tessellations

Ms. Giles believed her project, 'Tessellations' would significantly impact student achievement because it would bridge all of the domains that students must master on the End of Course Test in geometry. Additionally, her project would raise student self-esteem through students’ mastering of the complex mathematic concepts tested by the Georgia High School Graduation Test (GHSGT) and the Scholastic Aptitude Test.

Jacqueline Giles

Cynthia kuhlman

Principal, Centennial Place Elementary School

Atlanta Public Schools

Project: Science and the New Georgia Acquarium

Ms. Kuhlman believed her project would assist students in exceeding standards in all areas. Centennial Place Elementary School’s mission focuses on a science, mathematics and technology learning culture that delivers positive, personal educational experiences for each child, while closing the achievement gap.

Cynthia Kuhlman
Mariel Lawrence

mariel lawrence

2nd Grade, Benteen Elementary School

Atlanta Public Schools

Project: Boys 2 Men Mentoring Program

Ms. Lawrence believed her project would significantly impact the student achievement and self-esteem of African-American males who trailed all major demographic groups on standardized tests. The combinations of tutoring and mentoring relationships would pair third-, fourth- and fifth-grade males with Amorphous College students and focus on preparations for the Criterion-Referenced Competency Test (CRCT).

Cynthia May

cynthia may

Principal, West Manor Elementary School

Atlanta Public Schools

Project: Instructional Day Extension

Ms. May believed her project would help low-performing third-and fifth-grade students meet or exceed reading and math standards on the Criterion Reference Competency Test (CRCT) and Iowa Test of Basic Skills. She wanted to extend the school day by two hours, twice per week for 10 weeks.

Eunice Robinson

eunice robinson

Principal, M.A. Jones Elementary School

Atlanta Public Schools

Project: Family Literacy Nights

Ms. Robinson believed her project would train and provide parents with needed resources to affect student achievement in innovative and motivational ways. Providing parents fun activities to promote student achievement would improve student test scores and attitudes toward education.

Julie Rogers-Martin

Julie Rogers-martin

2nd Grade, East Lake Elementary School

Atlanta Public Schools

Project: Zoo Creation

Ms. Rogers-Martin believed her project would impact student achievement by integrating disciplines from core subject areas with problem-solving skills, providing direct-instruction and hands-on learning experiences that facilitated critical thinking and higher learning. Students shared their projects during the Zoo Grand Opening and participated in the Zoo Night Crawlers Program.

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