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2009 cohort of grantees

Lavasia bullard

2nd Grade, M. Agnes Joens Elementary School

Atlanta Public Schools

Project: WMAJ News Center

Ms. Bullard planned to create, operate and maintain a broadcasting center that enabled students to hone their writing skills through editing and publishing newscasts. Students were able to build public speaking skills through workshops, research projects, field trips, and guest speakers.

Lavasia Bullard

graham balch

9th Grade Biology, Henry W. Grady High School

Atlanta Public Schools

Project: Data-Driven Student Achievement

Mr. Balch goal was to implement smart technology that enabled teachers to understand student learning in real-time. The “Qwizdom” software and hand-held device (provided by ‘Data-Driven Student Achievement’ project funds) is technology that provides the teacher with student mastery information that can guide a teacher’s instructional methods while significantly increasing student engagement.

Graham Balch

karen evans

Principal, Morris Brandon Elementary School

Atlanta Public Schools

Project: Moving from Good to Great

At the time of this award, Morris Brandon Elementary School was opening a separate campus for kindergarten and first grade students. ‘Moving from Good to Great’ allowed Ms. Evans to engage a company that specialized in formulating comprehensive school climate and culture surveys based on the “Seven Correlates of Highly Effective Schools.”

Karen Evans

raymond fields, Jr.

4th Grade, Mary McLead Bethune Elementary School

Atlanta Public Schools

Project: Enhancing Geometry Through Digital Photography

Mr. Fields used digital photography and real-life experiences to increase student mastery of mathematical concepts. With the purchase of digital cameras and filming supplies, students were able to identify geometrical concepts in Atlanta through a geometrical scavenger hunt.

Raymond Fields, Jr.

jacob hackett

9th, 10th, & 11th Grade PEC, Henry W. Grady High School

Atlanta Public Schools

Project: Summer Literacy Enrichment Program

In 2006, Mr. Hackett created the Summer Literacy Camp – an intensive six-week literacy program that focuses on helping students improve their reading fluency and comprehension skills while improving character development. ‘Summer Literacy Enrichment Program’ was a continuation of this effort. Mr. Hackett continued the program in the summer of 2009 and brought his students to Sapelo Island as a culminating activity.

Jacob Hackett

monica johnson

8th Grade Language Arts, Jean Childs Young Middle School

Atlanta Public Schools

Project: Student Literacy Magazine

Ms. Johnson created a ‘Student Literacy Magazine’ that forged a space in the school environment to honor and develop students’ creative voices while providing enrichment opportunities rooted in academic standards. Ms. Johnson anticipated that through use of their burgeoning writing skills and talents, students would develop a love for literacy.

Monica Johnson
Malaika Jordan

Malaika Jordan 

9th Grade Physics, Carver-School of Health Sciences and Research

Atlanta Public Schools

Project: Biotech Today

Ms. Jordan, through ‘Biotech Today’ exposed her students to various topics within biotechnology to promote increased levels of interest in research science. Her expectation was that this project would promote academic growth by focusing on laboratory techniques while honing problem-solving skills.

Beth Kelley

beth kelley

2nd Grade, Centennial Place Elementary School

Atlanta Public Schools

Project: Sustained Parental Involvement

Ms. Kelley re-invented the Parent Resource Center to increase collaboration between parents and teachers at Centennial Place Elementary School. She purchase pertinent literature and learning materials and brought in keynote speakers to support and inform effective parental roles for student success.

Amanda Lynch

amanda lynch

3rd Grade, Ed. S. Cook Elementary School

Atlanta Public Schools

Project: Stimulating Our Sciences

Through the establishment of a science laboratory, all of Cook Elementary School’s students had the space and resources to engage in hands-on science, math, and technology investigations. Ms. Lynch created a sustainable space with the purchase and organization of materials, equipment, media, and technology for the school.

kelly schlegel

7th Grade Life Science, Samuel M. Inman Middle School

Atlanta Public Schools

Project: (G.E.M.S.) Girls Excelling in Math and Science

Ms. Schlegel’s project encouraged and empowered young women to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and math. Ms. Schlegel provided after-school activities such as pig dissections and rocket launches. These activities promoted mastery in math and science while building the girls’ confidence in these subject areas.

Kelly Schlegel

jacinta williams

3rd Grade, Ed S. Cook Elementary School

Atlanta Public Schools

Project: Digging in the Dirt

Ms. Williams created an educational garden to function as a living laboratory where students could apply classroom scientific concepts. In addition, as an instructional tool, the garden provided an opportunity to incorporate science and nature into daily teaching and promote good physical health.

Jacinta Williams
Tracy Wilson

tracy wilson

7th Grade Math, Samuel M. Inman Middle School

Atlanta Public Schools

Project: TI-Navigator

Ms. Wilson purchased the TI-Navigator™ System and synthesizing activities from the TI Educator site along with other resources to provide students with interactive math experiences. She anticipated that utilizing the NavMath from Texas Instruments would allow her students to visualize abstract and linear math concepts.

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