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ashleigh spatz

Music Specialist, Burgess-Peterson Academy

Atlanta Public Schools

Ashleigh Spatz has teaching in her bloodline. She was born into a family of teachers who instilled in her a love of lifelong learning and a passion for using her talents to create positive change in society. Ms. Spatz started her career in Fulton County Schools where she honed her skills as a general music teacher and learned from the best. She now works for Atlanta Public Schools and has found her home at Burgess-Peterson Academy. She excels at creating a positive and challenging environment for her students who feel encouraged to take risks and let their talents shine.


Composing for Community: Share Your Music, Speak Your Truth

"Composing for Community: Share Your Music, Speak Your Truth” is an innovative elementary level music project that focuses on the important and useful 21st century skill of composing digital music. 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students from three different elementary schools will engage in composing digital music with three different technology programs: Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music, Chrome Music Lab, and Incredibox. They will then pair these musical compositions with student-written poetry and work with local industry experts in music production and spoken word. The most exceptional pieces will be showcased at a culminating celebration concert. This free community concert will be advertised to the local community and performed at an outdoor venue. Students will get a chance to recite their poetry for a live audience, and the digital music will be played and projected on a screen. 


The goal of this project is to promote creativity through cutting edge music technology that has real-world applications, and to increase student and community involvement in the arts. 

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