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Danielle jenkins

Special Education, Mountain View High School

Gwinnett County Schools



Inclusive Robotics Program

Danielle teaches students with moderate intellectual disabilities. Her students are the sweetest, most perseverant, and most joyful kids in the world. They love learning new things and take pride in their accomplishments. She loves bringing them more opportunities to shine in their abilities, so she started the country’s - and possibly the world’s - first FIRST LEGO League (FLL) robotics team made up entirely of students with intellectual disabilities. It was an incredible experience and Danielle was able to use robotics to teach her students high level math and technology skills. They learned about global citizenship and how to be a good teammate.  More importantly, Danielle watched their confidence and sheer determination skyrocket throughout the process. 


Because of the Teach On Project, Danielle will be able to expand this inclusive robotics program to other schools in her area. Danielle has purchased robots and have recruited several Gwinnett area high school robotics teams. Students on these teams will work with special education teachers to introduce robotics and technology skills to students with intellectual disabilities. Through this inclusive program, students will form friendships with their peers, regardless of intellectual ability, work on their social and communication skills, learn STEM-related concepts, and build their self-confidence. Students without disabilities will also benefit. They will form relationships, broaden their viewpoints, and learn that individuals with disabilities are capable of achieving great things. 

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