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Doug doblar

1st/4th/5th Grade, R.D. Head Elementary School

Gwinnett County Public Schools

In his fifteen- year career in education, Dr. Doblar has taught everyone from kindergarteners to college students. He began as a high school long-term substitute teacher before teaching in middle school for three years. He then temporarily left K-12 education to pursue a Ph.D. Afterwards, Dr. Doblar returned to education, serving as an elementary school technology coordinator for five years. He now teaches at R.D. Head Elementary School - the same school he attended as a child, serving the community where he still lives today. Dr. Doblar is passionate about building a robust math and science program for advanced fourth and fifth graders.


Bringing Math, Science, and Real-Time Data to Life and Together ​

Access to authentic and real-time data has the potential to drastically alter students’ school experience in math and science. Research continues to show that a major source of students’ struggles in math and science can be traced to a lack of background knowledge and life experiences in which to connect learning. Science content that can be seen and experienced is much easier to learn than content that cannot. This project aims to make math and science come alive.

Through the use of various digital science sensors, probes, and equipment, students will use real-time science data to increase their comprehension of science phenomena and the math curriculum. The integration of relevant, real world data into the math standards will open doors to extraordinarily powerful instructional activities that are very difficult to create without the right tools. 

Larry Martinek said, "Children don’t hate math. What they hate is being confused, intimidated, and embarrassed by math. With understanding comes passion, and with passion comes growth—a treasure is unlocked.” This project aims to unlock this treasure for students.

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