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Jennifer Blodgett

Advanced Content Reading & Math, Patrick Elementary School

Gwinnett County Public Schools

Dr. Jennifer Blodgett began her career in education in 1993 in Panama City, Florida. She taught first grade for six years in Florida before moving to Auburn, Alabama to pursue a Doctorate in Educational Leadership. While at Auburn, Jennifer was a graduate assistant at the Truman Pierce Institute and taught undergraduate education courses. Upon receiving her doctorate, Jennifer moved to Georgia where she has been working in elementary schools in Gwinnett County ever since. She has taught first grade, third grade, fourth grade, Early Intervention Reading and Math, Advanced Content Reading and Math, and has been a Math Instructional Coach.

Implementing eportfolios in the gifted classroom


The purpose of this project is to increase student motivation, collaboration, and stakeholder communication by creating student ePortfolios in the areas of reading and math. Research shows that gifted students are often bored and under challenged in school. Using Google as a platform, the electronic portfolios will motivate students by allowing them to showcase samples of their best work in creative and unique ways, while engaging them in 21st century skill development. The portfolios will be used to assess student growth both formatively and summatively, and will encourage student self-reflection and self-assessment. While students will each have their own portfolio, they will be encouraged to work collaboratively with peers when creating and uploading work samples to their Google drives. The ePortfolios will promote student ownership of the learning process. While the portfolio process will be ongoing, students will formally share their digital portfolios twice a year with parents, peers, and administrators during student-led conference

breakfasts. Using this platform, students will practice and polish their presentation skills as they articulate their academic growth.


Dewey (1916) said the following about motivation "To be interested, to be absorbed in, wrapped up

in, carried away by some object...We say of an interested person that he has both lost himself in some affair and he has found himself in it." Use of ePortfolios will motivate and engage Ms. Blodgett’s gifted students, and will encourage them to take ownership in their learning, while allowing them to practice skills that will prepare them for the future.

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