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Matt Ruben head shot.jpg

Matt ruben

Mathematics and Video Production Teacher

Druid Hills High School

Dekalb County Schools

Matt Ruben began his career in teaching after working in construction management.  He realized that if he loved school as a student he would also love school as a teacher. He has worked at Druid Hills High School for 12 years, serving as a math and video production teacher and coaching three sports.  He believes that both classroom and extracurricular opportunities provide a chance for every student to grow.


Red Devil tv

Red Devil TV is a school video production/television news program that is designed to increase awareness and participation in school activities.  High School can be daunting, and it can be hard to reach outside of your comfort zone.  I think we do a fine job with the curriculum but we could improve the social and emotional aspects of student life.  I believe that there is an organization, sport, or club for every student to fit it, succeed, and thrive on campus if they were made aware of it.  The goal of Red Devil TV is to create news stories that expose the students to our many great clubs and organizations to boost participation in campus events.  A more active student body will turn the perception of our school around.  School will become a place that our students want to go to and not just a place that they have to go to.  Currently,  I have 33 students in my Red Devil TV class and we have produced over 30 segments.  In the time of COVID, the videos serve to create a school atmosphere in the virtual learning environment.

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